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Meet With Confidence

Introducing Book Now, Meet Later

Every meeting or gathering is unique and now you have more options than ever to meet confidently. Whether gathering for a small team huddle or connecting multiple groups in different locations in-person and virtually, we’ve got you covered. Compare our solutions to find the perfect fit for your meeting, group or special event – and some additional perks for you, too.

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Book Now, Pay Later

Travel on your terms

Whenever and wherever you travel, book with confidence with our flexible rate options. Our “Book Now, Pay Later” rate offers flexibility and savings. With no deposit required and full cancellations up to three days before your stay, travel planning is commitment-free.

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3X IHG Rewards

Register Now for 3X Points!

Register Now for 3X IHG Reward Points, complete your registration below to start earning 3X bonus points, now through 16 August 2021.​

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